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Seen a few vids on YouTube popping up in suggested saying that this new film has triggered Twatter SJW’s etc, white supremacy virtue signalling etc etc.

I sympathise, clowns are never to be trusted, there is not one rendition of “IT” that ever shone a favourable light on the face painted among us *shudder*.

Really hope we get a new rating tag soon, it’s getting harder and harder to spot the obvious attempts of the most leftist and liberal industry on earth trying to further the plight of the toxic white man. IT has to stop!!!

Other than that, I am quite looking forwards to it.

I’m pretty stoked actually. From the looks of things they are going for proper origin story from the comics, at least one of the more obscure ones as far as general public is concerned. Most people have no idea how the Joker started apart from the still iconic Jack Nickolson version and the Unbeatable Ledger version.

I think Phoenix is a good fit, for 15+ years I always saw him as commodus from Gladiator just playing a different part. But he has lost so much weight he looks like a competly different guy, 20 years also helps.

Do like he is going for the mark Hammill Joker laugh, it is still the benchmark as far as I am concerned. I have high hopes, DC knows it fucked up with whatever Suicide Squad supposed to be so I expect them trying to CopyCat Marvel as much as possible. Witch is not a bad thing.

Joaquin Phoenix can play psychopathic characters perfectly and I think it’s a great move to lose Leto. I mean hell that alone is worth giving this iteration a chance. Although I’m kind of missing the less overtly menacing Joker.

Honestly this overtly violent DC Universe is getting as tiresome as the Kid Friendly will never offend you Marvelverse. They should switch up or something.

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