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I’m genuinely excited for Endgame. While I don’t think the MCU universe is all that impressive from a plot aspect, I do appreciate the scope of what they’re trying to do with the series. The cumulative story arcs and integration of all the stories is impressive. I also think these movies, in general, are extremely entertaining to watch.

The characters have had so many movies to develop and this gives them a lot of depth and allows for the movies to have a more substantive script. The humor in particular is always good in these movies.

Oddly enough, the movie in the series that I disliked the most, Black Panther, seems to have gotten the most praise. I never understood this. They ripped off the Lion King and didn’t even come close to doing that plot line justice. I thought the villain was shallow and predictable.

You just never genuinely cared about any of the characters in that movie. Like if Black Panther died, I really wouldn’t have cared. Sure, they had a mostly black cast. Good for Hollywood and I feel this is one of the main reasons it got so much praise (the societal acceptance factor) but that doesn’t change the fact that it was a terrible movie.

Even so, it could be much worse in regards to storytelling.

I agree with the first Avengers movies, too many characters crapped into one location fighting at the same time on screen. I think IW handled this better than anyone was expecting, by splitting them up and letting them fight on different turfs. IW could have been an absolute shitshow (like Age of Ultron), but honestly I don’t know how anyone could possibly make it better than it is at the moment. Not sure what the point is in nitpicking the movies like they are a university bachelor degree, when this is pretty much new ground in terms of filmmaking.

Everyone is kinda expecting a soft reboot with the phase 1 team mostly stepping down and a new overarching plot to come in the future. My guess is that the next one will be much better planned from the start.

I’m glad I was wrong!

I wasn’t completely sold on the MCU until Infinity War. Been a few ups and downs with the various movies over the years, but after Infinity War, I can’t remember being this excited for a film since 2003, and LOTR: Return of The King. And this is with a franchise I had absolutely no prior knowledge to before Iron Man. I always enjoyed the movies themselves, but not too long ago I thought the Infinity War project was waaaay too ambitious and could never work.

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